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2 months. 2018


Fixy is a personal (fictive) project that was born out of a frustrating case I experienced. Driving alone in my car, on the highway, suddenly a loud noise was heard from the direction of the wheel. A vehicle driving next to me slowed down and signaled to me that something had happened to my wheel. I stopped on the side of the road, the rear wheel tore apart! Unfortunately the spare wheel was without air and I had to get to the nearest tire shop.


Fixy is an app that helps provide possible solutions to vehicle malfunctions, and maintains orderly monitoring of vehicle repairs.

Problems and challenges

  • Many drivers have difficulty locating a vehicle malfunction or understanding the meaning of the illuminated indicator light.

  • A vehicle malfunction can be a stressful thing, so the app should be a trusted and easy-to-use source.

  • Locating a fault or finding the cause of the fault within the vehicle manual book can be a difficult and incomprehensible experience.

  • The app should provide various ways to locate the fault in a convenient, simple and fast way.



The advantage - aids in connecting to the diagnostic socket found in most vehicles and uses Bluetooth communication from the switch to the smartphone. It transmits vital information from the vehicle’s computers and knows how to identify faults in the vehicle, explain their nature and treatment and even refer the driver to the nearest garage.


The downside - works only with the help of a dedicated device that connects to the vehicle. The component is installed on a one-time basis and is a must for anyone who wants to use the app. There is no support for Hebrew.


The advantage - ostensibly the Waze app will be the first app that the user will contact in order to locate garages nearby.


The disadvantage - does not meet the need for troubleshooting and suggested solutions for repair.


The advantage - provides information about nearby garages and provides opinions on them.


The disadvantage - does not meet the need for troubleshooting and suggested solutions for repair.


An app with a fault detection system in a variety of ways, and with a large database that will contain solutions for a wide range of vehicles and faults.

Scenario #1:

Identify a fault and suggest solutions for treatment

The usage scenario I chose to focus on will be from the moment the battery indicator light is turned on, until a possible solution to battery faults is provided.

Home page

Faults can be detected in a number of ways: 
selecting the icon of the lighted bulb, typing search, voice search, photographing the vehicle’s fault icon and identifying it by the app.

Pop up

Safety First. Before the app offers bug fixes, it checks with the user that they have taken all precautions on the road.

Solutions page

The proposed solutions will be affected by the hour at that moment. 
For example: If it’s a late hour or Saturday, the app will not refer the user to garages but will explain that if the user turns off the vehicle he will have to be prepared with cables for starting.

Scenario #2:

Closing repair and inserting it for follow-up repairs

The following scenario describes the process after the user arrives at the garage. The user is asked to confirm the end of the treatment and to close the treatment so that he can register it in the vehicle book.


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